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    Circuit Party Live

    Circuit Party Live brings a number of features together in one community website to provide a real-time communication and live music experience platform!

    Live Streaming and Music

    Our main mission is to deliver high quality streaming of circuit DJs to the circuit community across the globe in a single, easy-to-use, virtual online platform!

    You can join in live DJ sets streaming worldwide when the Live Stream option appears on the left hand navigation! Live DJ streams will take place weekly as we build our community and setup DJ sessions. If you are a DJ who would like to spin for our community, please use the contact page to let us know!

    We also host past sessions, and online sessions submitted to us under Music on the left hand navigation panel.

    Member Profiles
    In order to show your personality and connect with other members of our community, Circuit Party Live allows you to register and configure a Member Profile. Member profiles allow you to add profile photos, cover photos, add descriptions about yourself and your interests, upload photo albums, and a lot more! Check it all out under Profile on the left hand navigation.

    Member Directory
    Looking to browse through members of the circuit community? Don’t know someone’s screenname that you chatted with previously? Check out the Members navigation on the top menu, or use the search bar to search a member, post, or topic in our forum!

    Notifications let you know where to see updates, tags, and changes left by other members for you! Check it all out under Notifications on the left hand navigation.

    Member Connections
    Have you dreamed of a place to connect, message, and post focused around the circuit community without worrying about your aunt commenting, or your mom liking a photo? Circuit Party Live is a politics free place to share your love of music and circuit with each other through shared and personal activity streams, private messages, wall posts, and other areas of the site. Build your network and start sharing in your love for music today! Check it all out under Friends, Messages, and Activity on the left hand navigation.

    Photo Albums
    Photo albums allow you to upload, organize, and tag your photos both on your own profile, or shared to the under the global site albums. We can’t wait to see event photos uploaded from our members to share the joy and fun of your circuit events with each other.

    Forums are open to start public discussions on any topic. Feel free to start a thread in our forums, or browse our forums to see past threads and add your voice to the mix! Check it all out under Forums on the left hand navigation.

    Do you have a bunch of friends that want to get together to share messages and posts with each other? Have a burning passion and want to share it with others? You can start a public or private group, and use it for building your own fandom within our circuit community! Check it all out under Groups on the left hand navigation.

    Invite Your Friends
    Do you enjoy the circuit music scene we built and want to help it grow? Use Invites on the left hand navigation to invite your friends!

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